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General & About Us

  • Which services are offered by AppsInAi Private Limited?

    Mobile App Development, IoT App Development, Android App Development, iOS App Development, Mobile App Maintenance, Web Development, AI & ML for mobile apps.

  • Where Appsinai Private Limited is located?

    The headquarters and product division of Appsinai Private Limited is situated in Coimbatore, India.

  • What types of industries have you served?

    We have accomplished almost every demand of business owners from varied sectors like E-commerce, Education, Finance, Healthcare, Media, Retail, NGOs, and many more.

  • I have an app idea; can you develop it in partnership for equity?

    Well, we create the app at a one-time cost as your mobile app agency. We don’t prefer working on equity or partnership.

  • What programming languages and frameworks do you use?

    We prefer open-source languages wherever possible using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We implement them in our front-end and back-end development. We incorporate React Native for most mobile app projects, but we sometimes use Cordova or PhoneGap to work during tight budgets or need to support Web, Android, and iOS quickly.

  • Can you build apps for both iOS and Android?

    Yes, most of our applications support both iOS and Android platforms. It’s common among users who want their applications to function across multiple Web & Mobile devices. Hence, we use development frameworks such as React and React Native to support both platforms quickly.


App Design

  • We already have few designs; can you work with those?

    Yes, indeed. We prefer to follow our unique design process. Since it allows us to deliver the best quality services, we can be flexible enough. If your designs are strong and we are confident they can be effective, and yes, we can work with them. However, if they do not ...


Mobile App Development

  • Do you only build native apps?

    No, our developer team is prolific in creating hybrid or cross-platform applications. We listen to your requirements by suggesting which platform and which type of app development process can be the most helpful to you.

  • What is the major difference between Cross-platform development & Native App development?

    With native app development, we create applications with a default language and IDE for both Android & iOS. It includes Objective C or Swift with xCode for iOS and JAVA or Kotlin with Android studio for Android. Cross-platform technology provides a framework where we do coding. Yet, we deploy apps ...

  • What are the steps associated with the process of mobile application development?

    There are 3 stages in our mobile app development process:– 1. The first stage is known as planning. We try to understand your business objectives for developing a mobile application and wireframe solutions. 2. The second stage is the design & development stage, where we create seamless designs, character models ...

  • What is your process workflow in general mobile app development?

    Here is our app development process. Analyzing Requirements Wireframing & Designing Development Testing Deployment Support and Maintenance

  • What is the average duration of the process?

    Approximately, it takes at least 3 weeks to build an enterprise-level app. Usually, the process duration may depend upon the app’s complexity and the features you wish to include in the app.

  • What are the various types of mobile apps that you create?

    We can build almost all types of mobile apps such as, Native Apps Development Mobile-web Apps Development Hybrid Apps Development


App Publishing

  • How can I make my app successful?

    The success of the application depends on the targeted market and marketing to achieve users. Along with a great product, it is very important to have a good marketing plan and budget to gain traction.


App Support & Maintenance

  • How do I begin my project with you?

    It’s simple. You can either contact us or write to us at

  • Do you provide maintenance service?

    At, we are well-known for providing full-cycle solutions. From conceptualization to post-sale support and maintenance, we stay with you at every stage and ensure that your app is bug-free and stays so in the future.

  • Can you provide hosting for our website or app?

    Yes. We can host your project on our managed servers if you have a site or app with small resource requirements. If you have specific hosting requirements, intensive resource demands, or need something more specialist, then we can set you up with your own dedicated, cloud, or load-balanced hosting environment.

  • How do you help us in creating a successful application?

    We follow multiple stages before delivering the application to you: Conceptualizing your app ideas Get to know about your business Gather data & preferences of your target audience Analyzing the market scenario and current trends Monitoring the feasibility of your app Planning core architecture Designing seamless UI/UX files Programming the ...



  • What are the fees to create a developer account on Apple and Google?

    To create an Apple developer account, you have to pay $99/per year. For an Android developer account, you need to pay $25/one time.

  • What would be the payment policy?

    Project payments are in milestones, and on completing each milestone, that is, approving the work we agreed on, you may complete the payment for that milestone.

  • How much is for developing an app cost?

    Again, the application cost depends upon the complexity and customer preferences. Other contributing factors are the graphics used, sound effects, chosen platform, and much more. To know about the estimated price of your project, kindly send us your requirements, and we can get back to you shortly.


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