Data Annotation and Labelling

Data Annotation and Labelling

AppsInAi offers top-notch data annotation and labelling services through our skilled and vetted community of AI data specialists. Our labelled datasets cover various needs, from rating responses to transcribing audio and identifying speakers, allowing you to train your AI models to the highest standards. 


AppsInAi-annotated data is pivotal in training the world’s largest generative AI, large language models (LLMs), and other cutting-edge AI applications.


Our Data Annotation Services

Classification and Categorization

To provide a structured framework from which AI models may learn, we classify and categorize data, such as:

• Text classification may be used to support sentiment analysis by, for example, categorizing social media postings and customer reviews.

• Image categorization to help distinguish different face traits that facial recognition systems can recognize.

• Classifying audio according to speaker or language to teach speech recognition systems how to react to different spoken commands.

• Categorizing videos into sports or documentary genres to enhance recommendation systems

Named Entity Recognition (NER)

Through the identification and classification of named entities such as individuals, organizations, places, temporal references, quantities, and other relevant entity types within textual data, we empower AI models to effectively interpret and extract valuable insights from unstructured text.


Leveraging AppsInAi’s named entity recognition (NER) annotation services, chatbots gain the ability to tailor responses, geo-targeted applications can offer location-specific services, and event-planning applications can accurately schedule events.

Feature and object Labelling

We diligently annotate features or objects of interest to assist in training AI models to recognize them. Our video and image annotation services include:

• Semantic Segmentation: Labeling every pixel in an image according to the object it belongs to, offering detailed insights, especially for technologies like self-driving cars to understand road scenes.

• Attribute Labelling: Identifying and annotating specific characteristics of objects within a dataset to enhance search and recommendation systems.

• Landmark Labelling: Precisely labelling specific key points or landmarks within an image, such as for facial recognition systems.

• Bounding Box Annotation: Drawing precise bounding boxes around objects in images or video frames to facilitate object detection and recognition AI.


We transform audio and spoken data into text, while also subtitling and captioning video data. This process yields structured information that AI models, including voice recognition and natural language processing (NLP) applications, can analyze and derive insights from.

Intent Annotation

We offer intent annotation services by labeling or categorizing text to discern the underlying intent or purpose of communication. This aids AI applications such as chatbots and virtual assistants in comprehending the desired action or information from users.

Sentiment Analysis

In order to facilitate the comprehension of human emotion and opinion by AI models, we conduct sentiment analysis or opinion mining. This involves scrutinizing the emotional tone or sentiment conveyed in text, categorizing it as positive, negative, or neutral, and gauging its intensity.

Supercharge Your AI Projects with Our Data Annotation Services!

Key benefits

Why choose AppsInAi for data annotation services

We offer precise, efficient, and scalable solutions, ensuring high-quality labeled data for your machine learning projects. Trust our expertise for accurate annotations tailored to your needs.

Accuracy and Quality Assurance

Our data annotation service ensures top accuracy through strict quality control measures. Skilled annotators, trained extensively, use advanced tools for consistent and precise data labelling. With a multi-step verification process, we minimize errors, ensuring reliability for machine learning tasks downstream.

Scalability and Flexibility

We provide scalable data annotation solutions tailored to your needs, whether for small or large projects. Our flexible approach accommodates diverse data types and formats, ensuring seamless integration with your workflow and allowing for customization based on evolving project demands.

Fast Turnaround Time

Our efficient annotation process and committed team ensure fast delivery without sacrificing quality. With optimized workflows and proactive communication, we guarantee prompt delivery of annotated data, enabling you to meet project deadlines and sustain momentum in development.

Privacy and Security

We prioritize the security and confidentiality of your data with strict access controls, encryption, and adherence to industry standards. Our team undergoes background checks and signs agreements to ensure data integrity and privacy.


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