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With our Smart TV App Development, we’re committed to bringing your vision to life. Utilizing the latest technology, we create immersive experiences tailored specifically to your audience. Elevate your content delivery, engage users like never before, and stay ahead in the digital age. Step into the future of television with our expert Smart TV App Development solutions.


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Our Smart TV App Development Services

Smart TV App Design

We start by thoroughly assessing your needs. Next, we develop a prototype for the Smart TV application tailored to your specific platform. Our designs are crafted with meticulous attention to detail. We prioritize users, platforms, resolutions, and viewing environments.

Smart TV App Development

Our expertise lies in creating user-friendly Smart TV apps for various platforms like Android, Apple, Roku, Amazon Fire, Samsung Native, Tizen, and Smart TV Alliance.

Live Streaming Apps

At AppsInAi, we specialize in crafting top-notch live streaming and video-on-demand VOD apps. Our apps work smoothly on all platforms and devices, like Chromecast and AirPlay. Trust us to ensure your content captivates audiences everywhere, delivering unmatched viewing experiences.

Smart TV App Migration

Discover seamless migration solutions tailored for Smart TV app platforms such as Android, Apple, Amazon, and Roku. Transition seamlessly between platforms with our help. Let us tackle the challenges while you enjoy the benefits of a versatile app presence.

Smart TV App Testing

Our expert test leads and software testers ensure top-notch testing. With meticulous attention to detail, we conduct thorough sanity and regression testing on different connected TV devices. Our commitment to thoroughness ensures outstanding performance in every aspect.

Smart TV App Maintenance

We remain committed to supporting and enhancing the app throughout its lifespan. Our maintenance services are designed to maximize uptime and minimize disruptions, ensuring users enjoy an exceptional experience.

Our Expertise in Smart TV App Development Platforms

Our Expertise in Smart TV App Development: Platforms Android TV App Samsung Tizen TV App LG WebOS App Amazon Fire TV App

Android TV App

Our skilled industry professionals excel in expanding Android apps for Android TV. They possess comprehensive expertise in utilizing the LeanBack Support Library to craft enhanced user interfaces tailored for large displays.

Samsung Tizen TV App

We provide practical expertise in utilizing Smart View SDK, Toast, Tizen Studio, and other essential tools for crafting apps tailored to Samsung Smart TVs. This robust platform empowers the design and development of forward-thinking, innovative applications.

LG WebOS App

Leveraging our expertise in LG WebOS App framework, we craft cutting-edge applications for LG Smart TVs. Mastering WebOS development intricacies, we innovate features to harness its full potential.

Amazon Fire TV App

We craft flexible apps using Amazon Fling SDK, Drive, Maps, and developer publishing APIs for a smooth multi-screen experience.

Benefits of Smart TV Apps

 1. Seamless Cross-Platform Integration:
Smart TV apps let you easily switch between your TV and mobile devices, ensuring a smooth experience as you browse, connect, and watch content across different platforms.


2. Adaptability to Diverse Content:
Smart TV applications provide a flexible platform to display various content, including streaming, on-demand videos, gaming, learning, and interactive activities.


3. Leveraging Increasing Trends:

The growing Smart TV market offers a chance for app developers to seize the momentum and create exciting apps that cater to users’ changing entertainment needs.


4. Broad Audience Reach:
Smart TVs have a huge worldwide audience, giving content creators a great opportunity to connect with millions of viewers and expand their app’s reach.


5. Enhanced Market Presence:
Introducing a Smart TV app boosts your brand’s reach and visibility in the market. It showcases your business as a forward-thinking player in the video content industry, drawing in collaborations and earning recognition.

Smart TV Application Features

AppsInAi specializes in developing high-quality apps with captivating designs that are suited to the demands of contemporary, tech-savvy users and large audiences. It also offers cross-platform services for developing smart TV applications. We design dynamic, feature-rich Smart TV apps that utilize multi-CDN compatibility to distribute content to viewers worldwide with ease.

Important Things to Consider Before Developing a Smart TV App

Your customers' top smart TV OS choice

Begin by identifying the preferred smart TV operating system of your target audience. Prioritize the development of apps for this OS initially, then expand to other platforms later.

Choosing best screen resolution

Smart TV applications vary in screen resolution, reflecting the capabilities of the TVs they run on. While many modern models support 4K, older ones typically handle HD. You'll need to choose the appropriate resolution to target.

Smart TV OS app guidelines

Make sure to follow OS-specific guidelines to ensure your app's publication. Read and implement them accurately during development to avoid any publishing issues.

Sign in using code

Smart TV users opt for code-based logins due to the difficulty of typing long passwords with a remote. They simply scan a QR code on the TV screen with their phone, enter their password, and access content hassle-free.

Navigation and remote capabilities

Ensure your smart TV app's navigation is user-friendly and aligns with remote functions for effortless browsing.

TV Apps Developed by AppsInAi

meditation tv app

Meditation TV App Development

A Meditation and Yoga app serves as a potent tool for enhancing mental health, relaxation, and overall wellness. Offering guided meditation sessions by renowned instructors, immersive soundscapes, and personalized programs, this app expands accessibility and fosters business success.


Our meditation app and administrative dashboard cater to the unique needs of businesses, whether you’re an entrepreneur, yoga instructor, mindfulness coach, or business proprietor aiming to prioritize the well-being of your workforce.

Digital Signage Development

Discover the power of our digital signage development expertise at AppsInAi. Say goodbye to static messaging and hello to captivating, dynamic experiences tailored to your unique needs.


We utilize cutting-edge technology and strategies to engage viewers, such as touch-screen functionalities, QR code integration, Bluetooth functionalities, and beyond.


Whether you’re a retail establishment aiming to boost sales or a corporate entity striving to refine internal communication, our digital signage solutions empower you to forge deeper connections with your audience. 

Queue Management System

Are long customer queues giving you a headache? Our custom queue management system solutions can ease the frustration and streamline your operations. Enjoy shorter wait times, more productive staff, and happier customers—all easily accessible. At AppsInAi, we don’t do cookie-cutter solutions; we customize our services to fit your needs, offering valuable insights and top-notch support. Improve your customer experience and master your queues effortlessly.


Our Smart TV Application Development Process

Smart tv app development process


Our smart TV specialists are well aware of your reach, skills, and business strategy. Next, we develop a plan for delivering the perfect app.


In accordance with the goals and objectives of the Smart TV app, our team develops a comprehensive app journey and a visual mock-up.


Our best smart TV app developers employ the most recent methods to develop apps that are useful for all of your users.


To ensure that there are no bugs and that your users have an optimal experience, our team puts the app through a thorough testing process.


The app is pushed for go-live on the selected platforms once it passes the testing stage. Regular maintenance services are offered.

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Automobile Industry

Apps for the automobile industry.

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Apps for business and finance.

Education & Career

Apps for education and career.

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Apps for food and restaurant.

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Apps for health and fitness.

News And Media

Apps for news and media company.

Sports And Training

Apps for sports and training.

Tour And Travel

Apps for tour and travel services.

Frequent questions in

Smart TV App Development

  • Smart TV Apps: What Are They?

    Smart TV apps refer to applications that you can download onto your smart TV, enabling you to stream your preferred video content directly through your television.

  • How can smart TV apps aid in business growth?

    Smart TV apps have the potential to widen your customer base by offering them the convenience of enjoying their preferred shows on a larger screen.

  • Why should I choose AppsInAi for smart TV app development services?

    You may work with us for several reasons, including developing smart TV apps on several platforms, integrating smart TV features, using agile development methods, having competent developers, and providing services at a reasonable price.

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